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NSK Citizens’ Congress Dates

by on Feb.03, 2010, under Events

The Organising Committee of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress has announced that the core event will run between

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Thursday November 4th – Saturday November 6th 2010. UPDATE: The congress will run from 21st to 23rd October.


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the Congress itself there will be a public programme of events including an exhibition, screenings and talks. More details will follow soon.

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  • Matthias Jaß

    I’m very proud, NSK Citizens’ Congress will take part in the European capital – BERLIN. For me as a berlin passport-holder and deep lover of slovenian and slovanian kulture it may become the number one event in my life after the concert and the after show party in ’97 in krizanke and fuzine.

  • Robert Connolly

    30 delegates can hardly be said to represent in any meaningful way the constituency of a state. Also, the fact that the citizens of NSK were not consulted leads me to question the legitimacy of this “congress”. Who exactly decided who the delegates are, by what criteria, and by what mandate?

    • Zlato Krec

      I utterly share and second the opinion and the sentiment of Robert Connolly regarding this event which I even can’t call NSK Citizens Congress. I have heard about this event already in January 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia from Haris Hararis and Alexei Monroe. I expressed them clearly my opinion how I don’t agree on non-democratic process how this “congress” would be carried through. They asked me not to talk about it on LAIBACH-NSK Yahoo group untill the project would develop further and more details would be known. The rest is history. Like Robert Connolly, I also didn’t want to APPLY to become delegate. I also don’t want to come to Berlin for any “parallel public event” because I don’t want to give legitimating for this event to self imposed “Organizing Committee”. Obviously, they don’t need opinions. They only need sheep to bleat. Without sheep, they are like generals without army. In other words: I boycott this event.

  • The Organising Committee

    All NSK Citizens were invited to apply for this event. Those involved in this project were directly invited to realise it by NSK members themselves. The number of delegates is not ideal, but is limited by budgetary and other practical considerations. Future events will be organised directly by the citizens themselves and you will have the opportunity to participate in these if you wish. You are also welcome to attend the parallel public events.

  • Robert Connolly

    You say “those involved in this project were directly invited to realise it by NSK members themselves”. I got a pamphlet in the post inviting me to attend – not inviting me to apply, you’ll note, but to attend. I subsequently discovered that this was not an invitation to attend, but to apply to attend.
    Which “NSK members” invited “those involved”, based on what criteria, and with what mandate – no one (as far as I’m aware) asked me to vote on this, or to nominate anyone to make such decisions?

  • Robert Connolly

    I should like, in a spirit of respectful and constructive enlightenment, to take issue with Mr Jass’s statement that Berlin is the capital of Europe. While it is true that Berlin (and Paris) has in the past been the self-proclaimed capital of a Europe mostly subjugated by force of arms, modern Europe’s politically consensual capital fluctuates between Brussels and Strasbourg. Consulting a map reveals that the midway point on this axis of power is Pétange in Luxembourg.
    It is therefore obvious that Pétange, not Berlin, is the capital of Europe.
    I would also like to suggest to the NS state government (the Organising Committee?) that the next congress be held in Pétange.

  • Christian Matzke

    as the NSK State is mare than just a European phenomenon I don’t see any reason they need to honor Europe’s politically consensual choice of capitals, nor the city that lies between them. The Congress could be held in Kyoto Japan or Exeter England and be just as valid.
    Berlin has historic significance (Germania) that resonates with the work of the NSK, and personal significance (if you will) as it was the site of the first major NSK State embassy. It seems fitting to hold the first Citizen’s Congress there for both these reasons.

  • Christian Matzke

    Let me correct myself: the Berlin embassy was in 1993, but the Moscow embassy was in 1992. It was incorrect of me to refer to the Berlin embassy as “the first major NSK embassy”. Instead I will call it a landmark NSK event.
    Also, while thirty people is not a huge number, what is the population of the NSK State? I have heard nothing concrete except that it is larger than that of the Vatican. The Vatican has roughly 900 citizens. Let’s say then that the NSK State has 1,000. That means one delegate represents 33 citizens. Even if the NSK State has 3,000 citizens that is still one delegate for every 100 citizens. I would call that pretty good. I certainly do not have that sort of representation even in local government here in the U.S.

  • Robert Connolly

    Dear Mr Matzke
    But how are the delegates chosen? Since I was not involved in any democratic mandate, they don’t represent me. Do you know how they were chosen, or by whom?

    On the subject of historical precedent in European capitals, when Paris was the self-imposed capital of Europe, Laibach itself was the capital of the “Illyrian Provinces” created by Napoleon from Dalmatia, Croatia, Carniola, and Carinthia. That lasted for 4 years.

    As for NSK embassies, I was awarded a passport by Irwin on the 6th June 1992 at an embassy they set up in Stockholm at an art centre where I was curating an exhibition. Perhaps that predates Berlin?

  • henry

    parallel public events, when and where is these taking place

  • Anthony

    Robert Connolly presumes that the NSK is a conventional polity and also a democratic one.

    The criteria i presume they used to choose delegates were probably “those who have something worthwhile to contribute”.

    Whinging about “your democratic rights” (boo-hoo!) to the NSK, is not a worthwhile contribution.

  • Robert Connolly

    Mr Anthony seems to imagine that I am writing in all seriousness. I would suggest he try googling “irony”. I’ll try to avoid making any assumptions about his being American.
    As for NSK’s criteria for choosing delegates, they’re obviously seriously flawed – how otherwise to explain my absence from the roster?

  • Zlato Krec

    I see my comment is awaiting moderation.
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH GO TO HELLAS. Now, who said something similar?

  • sila

    certainly wasn’t somebody who denies teritorial principles I beleive. Was it Werner Heisenberg?

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