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First results of the NSK State Citizens’ Congress

by on Oct.28, 2010, under Events

Congress delegates outside Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, 21st October 2010

Congress delegates outside Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, 21st October 2010

NSK members outside Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, 21st October 2010

NSK members congratulate a delegate at the closing ceremony, 23rd October 2010

On Saturday evening there was a tense, dramatic, fascinating and finally celebratory closing ceremony at which the delegates’ conclusions were announced. These are the

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main points. There is a supporting document and a third opposing document was also read. Following the debate delegates and facilitators were presented with a commemorative object and were congratulated by members of Laibach, IRWIN, Novi Kolektivizem and Noordung.

Laibach member responding to the final declaration, 23rd October 2010

Active discussions continue amongst the delegates and individual responses will appear on There were some really interesting ideas and discussions and as one delegate said for such a varied group of people to produce a defined result in three days was impressive. Many of the delegates were extremely conscientious, motivated and perceptive and it was a pleasure to meet them. The results are being assessed and we will comment in more detail shortly, for now here is the final statement agreed to by a majority of delegates:


The NSK State is a universal state in time, not a state of territory.
Whether it remains in potential form or manifests itself in actual form depends on the actions and beliefs of those who are or wish to be its citizens.
The NSK State in Time is consistent with and evolves from the founding principles and strategies of Neue Slowenische Kunst.
The NSK State in Time becomes manifest when the following exist:

I. The Immanent Consistent Spirit is the all-embracing intangible essence of the NSK State in Time. In it there is everything and even nothing. Citizens of the NSK State in Time express the Immanent Consistent Spirit through artistic, political, philosophical and intellectual actions in both abstract and concrete form.

II. The NSK State in Time is ever-inspired by the infinite moment of grace of its own becoming. It is the master of all its probabilities.

III. The NSK State is manifested in time yet at the same time transcends time.

IV. Manifestations of the NSK State are temporal; they are based on initiatives and actions of its citizens and affiliates.

V. The NSK State in Time materializes through artistic, political, philosophical and intellectual actions in accordance with the basic principles and internal laws of the NSK State in Time.

VI. The individual is irrelevant. Therefore the NSK State in Time compels its

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citizens to work as a collective body.

VII. The role of the

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citizens of the NSK State in Time is to fulfill the State’s goals with fanatical and artistic devotion.


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citizens’ commitment to the State machine that organizes their activities is unwavering.

IX. Freedom of choice creates trauma; lack of freedom of choice creates trauma. The NSK State acknowledges the right not to choose.


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  • Steve Schultz

    So Now that the congress is over and we need to start to do real work, will someone who know how to set up secure virtual space for us delegates?

  • Lara O

    I believe the 3rd document should also be announced =).

  • loki

    A wiki was set up earlier this week – there’s discussion and link to it on the Facebook discussion thread about the Dept of Perpetuity.

  • Bertrand

    I’m personally responsible of this “leak”, since I’ve sent the three documents to HMRD Cesidio Tallini, who wrote this article.

  • Niko

    what facebook discussion/wiki are you talking about guys? Can u pass any links please?

    I tried entering “Citizens of The State of NSK”* group with my (diplomatic) passport number, but there is a police officer at the gate, not letting me in without sending him a photo and identifying myself with a full name…. now, that is a bit odd! lol – even Zuckerberg himself doesn’t mind my ‘ama nesciri’ state…

    * is this the one, as there are many scams of NSK/Laibach wannabes on FB?

  • Niko

    ok, it seems I’ll be given permission to enter… still damn spooky protocol, whoever invented it.

  • Mayowa

    How can someone get NSKSTATE passport or the visa.

  • Steve Schultz

    could someone send me a link to the wiki?

  • Niko

    looking for it as well.

    I have just withdrawn request to join a FB group of 25 citizens where u have to legitimate yourself with an ID to an “Golden Saxifrage” control officer…

  • Meet'ya

    Good day, my dear fellow Citizens!

  • Meet'ya

    Find-ings in FINDINGS

    IX. last but not least _

    Freedom of choice (including the freedom to not to) is traumatic in itself because it entails consciousness of the differentiation between choices.
    BE-ING in concordance with such consciousness imminently experiences (mani_fest) a separation – inflicting struggle and pain.

    Contrary to predominant arbitrary opinion the connotation of FREE WILL is in direct opposition to FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

    An innate Free-Will-ness of the immanent consistent (all-embracing = Absolut) Spirit as the intangible essence itself ( NSK Citizenship) – is not and cannot be in any way related to a any finite space-time enclave of an arbitrary finite preferences or – nom de plume – …the world.

    More to come…

  • Eric

    Bertrand (and others) – since there is implicitly copyleft on all NSK projects (unless otherwise declared), there was no leak whatsoever, but merely a free dissemination of The Atomic Declaration of Dependence which, I hope, will appear on this site as well some day.

  • Avi

    I agree that the rebel document should be published here! And I’m also in the dark as to what is our virtual meeting place!

  • Попов Самуил

    Казвам се Самуил Попов от Бургас България
    Отдавна съм почитател на Лайбах и НСК
    Преди време се опитах да придобия НСК паспорт чрез електронното посолство в сайта ви но не успях
    Все още имам желание да бъда гражданин на НСК но не виждам начин
    Моля да ми изпратите информация как мога да придобия гражданство
    Надявам се това да е началото на едно ново приятелство
    Поздрави от България

  • Sari Känsälä

    Does retina-identification apply?

  • Sari Känsälä

    Well, as I did ban all travel yesterday morning and the snow filled biggest European airports – I guess I’m soon the only one with a passport: looks kill.

  • Sari Känsälä

    Sophisticated software, I’m impressed!

  • Christa Johnston

    Well, as I did ban all travel yesterday morning and the snow filled biggest European airports – I guess I’m soon the only one with a passport: looks kill.

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