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New World Order by New Collectivism

by on Mar.26, 2020, under Articles

New World Order poster

New World Order poster by New Collectivism


New World Order poster around the world

The poster was distributed in many cities around the world, including Berlin, Beijing, London, Paris, New York, Ljubljana and Moskow.


The poster is also published in the Slovenian magazine Mladina.

Download a high resolution version of the poster so that you can print your own copy.


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NSK State Reserve Exhibition in Berlin

by on Jan.02, 2020, under Exhibitions

NSK State Reserve Exhibition Opening – Wert Neu Denken

Openning: Saturday, 18 January 2020
Venue: Staalplaat, Kienitzer Str. 108, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Established in 2015, the NSK State Reserve manages the currency supply for the virtual state established by art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK). While the individual notes are intriguing artifacts of the state, the broader purpose of the agency is to create a circulating medium which connects citizens of this state. To date, The NSK State Reserve has created and distributed thousands of these notes. In the tradition of occupying powers, these notes are created through a process of overprinting and hand stamping on a substrate of already existing currency, creating a parasitic relationship with the original issuer. Often the currency’s host is a “dead” currency, either retired from circulation or issued by a state which no longer exists. Hence the motto of the NSK State Reserve: New Life for Old Money.

This exhibition includes currency, bonds, and other works related to the NSK State Reserve, including collaborations with NSK State citizen Valnoir Montesange. This exhibition will run until mid Febuary 2020! (continue reading…)

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15 December 1999 Gravitation Zero – Noordung Biomechanics

by on Dec.16, 2019, under Articles

Gravitation Zero – Noordung Biomechanics

On 15 December 1999 Gravitation Zero – Noordung Biomechanics, the first theatre performance in alternating-microgravity conditions was staged in a IL-76MDK flying laboratory in Russia. (continue reading…)

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NSK State posters in Austria

by on Sep.06, 2019, under Exhibitions, NSK State

NSK State touristic posters by Irwin for the Transborder festival in Austria.

NSK State posters in Austria

NSK State posters in Austria

NSK State posters in Austria

NSK State posters in Austria

NSK State posters in Austria

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NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble

by on Sep.21, 2018, under NSK State

From October 11th to 14th, le Ciné-Club de Grenoble, in partnership with Association pour l’Agencement des Activités and Unpass, invite you to the NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble, the quirkyfestival which pays tribute to the NSK movement.

Influenced by DADA, historical avant-garde and punk movements, NSK questions art, politics and propaganda through artistic subversion. NSK is still a major source of inspiration and study on contemporary society. A driving force of creativity and provocation, NSK gives a clear portrait of modern Europe.

After its initial success in 2016, NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble comes back to share unique moments and activities with exciting international artists.

(continue reading…)

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Third NSK State Folk Art Biennale Program

by on Jun.14, 2018, under NSK State

3rd NSK State Folk Art Biennale Program of Events

THURSDAY, June 14, 2018

19:00 OPENING of the exhibition with introductory speeches:
Mag. Zoran Poznic, director of DDT
Lili Anamarija No
Alexander Nym

Dance performance: Julia Kaja Hrovat (video), Gea Erjavec (dance)

Performance: Berthold Schymura

Awarding a special prize
IRWIN: Roman Uranjek

21:00 Projection of the documentary film: Music is a temporal art 3: LAIBACH, 52 min (with English subtitles)
director Igor Zupa
Jani Novak – Laibach

FRIDAY, 15.6. 2018

11:00 Bus tour through Trbovlje – Mag. Zoran Poznic, director of DDT

16:00 – 19:55 Symposium: RETROPOLIS TRBOVLJE Alexei Monroe; Cultural Theorist, United Kingdom Conor McGrady; dean Burren College of Art, Ireland Charles Lewis; NSK State Reserve, USA

SATURDAY, 16.6. 2018

12:00 Guided tour of the Virtulan Museum of Mining – 4. DRITL POPOLDNE


Picnic on Kum +

performance: Johanna May Schmidt

concert: Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg

SUNDAY, 17.6. 2018

14:30 Film: VICTORY OF REASON (SIEG DER VERNUNFT directed by Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg), 154 min

18:00 Documentary film: TIME FOR A NEW STATE -1.kongres of citizens of the NSK State (directed by: Igor Zupe), 65 min

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