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What have you done for your state today?

by on Nov.06, 2010, under Articles

First of all, I would like to thank everyone involved in the congress for their good humor and very, very hard work, especially Alexei Monroe (who was a very good master of ceremonies) and the other folks put on the Congress. It was a high point of my year so far. Also, thanks to the Founding Members of Neue Slowenische Kunst for all their work and same goes for Haris and Jernej for all the website, a very impressive bit of hard work.

I thought the caliber of the delegates was excellent, and the range of opinions was quite broad, yet we did agree on many important issues. For example, what we (as NSK) should do around micro-nations? This

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issue was resolved almost unanimously and very quickly, which surprised me. So thanks to the “Hidden Secret NSK Cabal” that choose us so well. Equally, many of speakers were excellent, even though my own views on Neue Slowenische Kunst and NSK might have been very different than their own. Again, I found the diverging opinions stimulating.

I also thought the facilitators who started us off in working groups were also very good and guided us back on topic when needed, so thanks to all the facilitators. Personally, I would have liked a more focused and/or structured format for working groups and especially for the large group work I would like to suggest is to always have the facilitators not be a member of the group, or at least have them not be an active participant in discussion, while working in the large group format.

I felt that we could have accomplished much more in a shorter time if we had more guidance coupled with a set of general background reading material, so we knew more going into the Congress

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about what we needed to do. I would change this aspect of the process as I think many of us went to the Congress without knowing in full what we were doing there. I also realize that we delegates must take much of the responsibility. The Facebook page should have been used more effectively than it was. We needed to have set up something much more focused, and have more self-imposed structure throughout the Congress. In theory, the Wiki may solve this issue, but then again we will have to see what will happen.

The “Findings” were adequate, if bit obvious for my tastes, and without much “real” derivation from the original vision of Neue Slowenische Kunst and its later incarnation NSK. So how do we make our mark while keeping the internal book of the Laws and convent?

Do we? and can we really “takeover” the real running of the State Machine? If so when and how do we accomplish this goal? How we implement the five the proposed innovations in a realistic matter? Or is this going to degenerate to becoming back what it has been previously, a kind of NSK fan club?

So I

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ask my Fellow Delegates and others what have you done for your state today?

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  • Ken

    Besides my usually mentioning of NSK State when any talk of politics comes around, the Congress has inspired me to spread the word more. Maybe the next thing should be a structured list of goals to discuss. Can this be grown into a true virtual nation? I would think so and hope so. With the recent elections in the US and insanely moronic ad campaigns that we had to suffer through, it’s time for something different. I would prefer the discussions here, as Facebook seems to have become it’s nation of sorts.

  • loki

    @Ken perhaps the discussion forums M.O set up are better suited — they’re actually a BBS, as opposed to comments in a blog post and everyone’s submission need not be held for moderation before appearing.

  • Steve Schultz

    First of all please remember that NSK is state without a nation this is very point political stance. The fact we are not nation was also important factor why we (delegates) didn’t want to set up relations with micro-states. We are something different, something yet to be decided. As the goals we discussed please see results from congress.

  • Sari Känsälä

    We, in Finland+Sweden+some others are fully operational according to the age old plan. Praise you, S.K.

  • Jernej Špende

    @Ken – I like your point about FB a lot. Within this context I wanted to include the XKCD’s map of online communities into my NSK State Radar presentation, but I wanted to be as short as possible.

    @Steve – thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

    Like others I am looking for the digital entry point to the board. But I am still wondering what would be the perfect digital platform for online discussions. I beleive anything could be set up here on the subdomain – wiki, board,whatever.

    btw: If there is any backend masters around, it would be nice to know.

  • Ken

    @Steve Schultz . Perhaps I misused the word “nation.” But my point is loosely the idea that as a virtual state it’s citizens still would need goals (individually subversive or contradictory to their own nation, etc) to grow NSK State. The existing outline of the State is well grounded in it’s outline of what it is and isn’t, but my idea is to see this grow and become a recognized form, albeit a chaotic form of vast ideology that could throw a curve into international politics in the way current nations pigeon-hole their people. Maybe the original question still stands, but more on any individually-collective (how’s that for contradiction?) basis: “What have you done for your state lately?”

  • Charles

    Please note that NSK passport is not valid document to travil with.

  • Charles

    NSK passport is not a valid passport of Republic of Slovenia.

    A slovenian passport can only be issued for a citizen of the Republic of

    Citizenship of the Republic Slovenia may be acquired by origin or
    naturalisation, i.e. on the basis of a prescribed period of actual and
    continuous residence in the Republic of Slovenia, provided that the person
    also meets all other conditions for admission to the citizenship laid down
    by law.

    Naturalisation is a manner of acquisition of Slovenian citizenship based on
    the will of the individual expressed through the filing of an application.
    It is based on the genuine bond between the individual and the state, when
    a foreigner who has resided in Slovenia for many years adapts to the
    environment in which he or she lives to such an extent that he or she
    accepts the country of his or her permanent residence as his/her new
    homeland, and that he or she accepts the country’s constitutional and legal
    order in the widest sense. To establish such a mutual legal and political
    relationship between the state and the foreigner applying for citizenship,
    obligatory conditions are laid down by law, which must be fulfilled in
    order for the state to decide whether the individual is truly prepared to
    accept not only the rights but also all the obligations. To be able to
    determine this, the foreigner needs to reside in Slovenia for several
    years. During the period in which he or she is exercising rights as a
    foreigner in Slovenia, he or she needs to prove, through his or her
    behaviour, the existence of those suppositions that allow for the
    conclusion that there is “entitlement” to the acquisition of Slovenian
    citizenship. The state may, at its own discretion, decide whether or not to
    grant citizenship. Admission to citizenship is hence not a right but a
    possibility, provided that the individual can prove compliance with all the
    prescribed conditions. When deciding, the state also takes into account
    public (national) interest, which has priority over the interest of the

    In the framework of the acquisition of citizenship, Slovenian citizenship
    legislation distinguishes between regular naturalisation that provides for
    a ten-year residence period of a foreigner in Slovenia and naturalisation
    with benefits that provides for a shorter prescribed period of actual
    residence of a foreigner in Slovenia and hence gives the opportunity to
    acquire citizenship under easier conditions only to certain categories of
    foreigners (if the person is married to a Slovenian citizen; if the person
    lost Slovenian citizenship on the basis of a release or renouncement; if
    the person is a Slovenian emigrant or his or her descendant; if the person
    has no citizenship (a stateless person); if the person is a refugee; if the
    person attended and successfully finished at least higher education studies
    in the Republic of Slovenia; if the person is born in Slovenia and has
    lived in Slovenia since birth onwards; if the person is a minor and lives
    in Slovenia).

    In addition to regular naturalisation, there is also exceptional
    naturalisation, which provides for the acquisition of Slovenian citizenship
    in the case of a state advantage in a specific field of social life,
    provided that this is advantageous to the state due to scientific,
    economic, cultural, national or similar reasons and provides for a one-year
    period of actual residence in Slovenia and gives the opportunity to acquire
    citizenship under easier conditions, inter alia, the foreigner may keep his
    or her current citizenship.

  • Charles

    You can find more information on these websites:
    http://www.mnz.gov.si/en/services/migrations/citizenship/ and

    In order to prevent further abuses, we ask you to send us more information
    about organisation, that is offering NSK passports.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Public Relations Office
    Ministry of the Interior

  • Sari Känsälä

    Hi, just informing those on-the-know, that the grid is finished and operational.

  • Sari Känsälä

    NSA alert, don’t blame me. Look in the mirror.

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