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Presentations of the German edition of INTERROGATION MACHINE and world premiere of the 1st NSK Citizens’ Congress documentary

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LAIBACH & NSK: Die Inquisitionsmaschine im Kreuzverhör


Presentations of the German edition of Alexei Monroe’s INTERROGATION MACHINE “LAIBACH & NSK: Die Inquisitionsmaschine im Kreuzverhör” and world premiere of the documentary film “1st NSK Citizens’ Congress, Berlin” by Irwin in collaboration with Igor Zupe.

On occasion of the imminent publication of the internationally acclaimed reference work on Slovene (retro-)avantgarde artists LAIBACH and the cultural movement co-founded by them, NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst), Ventil Verlag, NSK STAAT LIPSK, Creative Empire and Zonic magazine extend invitations to three events presenting the book and to the following informal gatherings.

The world premiere of both film and book will be held at the exhibition space Kulturny Dom B31, to be followed by presentations at cultural centre „Die Villa“ and at „Absintherie Sixtina“ respectively. Cultural theorist Alexander Nym will present excerpts from the updated and extended German edition of the book, as well as provide background information on the NSK-phenomenon.

Thursday evening is hosted by Alexander Pehlemann, editor of culture almanac ZONIC and expert on Eastern Europe. Following the screening and presentation, he will spin (post-)punk music from Slovenia and Eastern Europe, but first there will be the world premiere of the documentary film „1st Citizens’ Congress, Berlin“ produced by Irwin in collaboration with Igor Zupe, introducing the NSK state project and presenting the proceedings of the 1st NSK Citizens’ Congress which was held in october 2010 at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures).

On friday, the film will be screened at 9pm at the cultral centre „Die Villa“, followed by a book presentation and an open discussion, providing an opportunity for audience members to pose questions.

The book presentation on saturday afternoon at the legendary Absintherie Sixtina is going to be introduced by Bochum based authors Klaus & Peter Märkert, followed by a presentation of the cryptoethnologial institute’s representative Jörg Jauernig about Black Magic in the Amazons. After the presentation of „LAIBACH & NSK“, the Sixtina will remain NSK state territory for the rest of the night, providing ample space and opportunity for NSK citizens (and those intending to become such) to socialize and party to specially selected tunes from Slovenia.


Space / Time coordinates:

  • Thursday, march 14th – 8pm: Kulturny Dom B31 – Bornaische Str. 31 (backyard; former Eigen+Art gallery) in Leipzig-Connewitz (including film screening)
  • Friday, march 15th – 9 pm: Kulturzentrum Die Villa – Lessingstr. 9 (including film screening)
  • Saturday, march 16th – 4pm: Absintherie Sixtina – Katharinenstr. 11 (across the street from the museum of fine arts)



Laibach and NSK – to many the final avantgarde of the 20th century (and by extension the first of the 21st), yet certainly the most thrilling artistic manifestation from Eastern Europe, Laibach appeared immediately after Tito’s death in 1980 in Slovenia, then a part of the socialist Yugoslav Federal Republic. In the wake of scandalous performances, artist collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) was formed, consisting of departments dedicated besides music to fine art, theatre, architecture, philosophy and design. While Laibach commented on the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the transformation of the world into a global marketplace with their unique coverversion of well known songs, achieving international success both in art and in pop contexts, NSK and the subsequently created NSK state in time reflected the political and cultural chaos of this process among all media and techniques. Alexei Monroe captures and recapitulates not only the 30+ years of Laibach’s and NSK’s artistic interventions, but discusses the sociopolitical context of their environment and the historical factors accompanying their emergence, as well as the consequences and continued relevance of their actions, tactics and strategies.



The NSK State in Time was founded in 1992, shortly after the collapse of socialism and the breakup of Yugoslavia during the war. It emerged at a time when a radical rethinking of the nation-state was necessary, and yet it did not manifest itself geopolitically, but in the form of a collective artistic endeavor. NSK assigns the status of a state to thinking instead of a territory, altering its boundaries in accordance with the movements and changes of its symbolic and physical collective body. The NSK State does not identify itself with other real or actually existing states, and has grown to date into a collective of over ten thousand members. Eighteen years after the founding of the state, the first NSK Citizens’ Congress took place in Berlin. From October 21 – 23 2010, delegates, founding members of NSK, and congress organizers met at the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, a signature postwar modernist structure located in the heart of the Tiergarten, and a short distance from the Reichstag and new Chancellery building. The 30 delegates in attendance represented a broad spectrum of political, aesthetic, and philosophical views. Predominantly from Europe and the U.S. (and also including delegates from Nigeria and New Zealand), they were initially selected through an application process open to all NSK citizens. Their task was to critically examine the formal and conceptual structure of the NSK state and to envisage potential avenues for its continuation and proliferation. Working in three groups over two days of discussion, the delegates elected to meet together to craft a concluding statement in a final day-long gathering as the culmination of the event. The documentary depicts these proceedings and thus provides an intimate look into an emerging state and thus presents a rare peek into the inner workings of a collective coping with its own history, attempting to project itself into the future.

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